During a flight to Memphis, Jeezy offered up his first-class seat to an 11-year-old boy with cancer who was heading to get treatment for his stage 3 cancer.

The rapper took to Instagram, sharing a picture of himself with the young boy, Andre, and his mom. In the caption, the rapper praised the boy for his bravery.

“Meet Andre, he’s 11 and one of the bravest young Kings I know. I met Andre on my flight to Memphis," the rapper wrote in the post.

"Overheard he was battling stage 3 cancer and was on his way to Memphis for treatment. Offered him my first class seat so he can go to treatment like the boss he is. In taking his seat, I spoke with his amazing and strong mother. She told me about how mighty of a fighter her son has been. I invited Andre and his mother to my show. And like a boss he pulled up. Let’s show Andre some love 💯,” he continued.

 In the comments, rapper 2 Chainz and actor Samuel L. Jackson applauded Jeezy.

“Doing the right thing is part of your DNA,” Jackson said, according to Hip Hop DX.