Sports journalist and The Atlantic staff writer Jemele Hill surprised fans with the recent release of her engagement photo shoot, channeling The Carters' "Apesh**t" video. 

Nearly a year ago, Queen Bey and hubby Jay-Z stunned the world with the release of "Apesh**t." The Carters shut down the Louvre and filled the historic museum with gorgeous Black dancers among timeless masterpieces to the shock fans everywhere. The moment since has been considered a prime example of Black excellence. Now, Hill and her fiancé Ian Wallace have recaptured the extravagant moment to celebrate their nuptials

“So me and the fiancé decided to do something different for our engagement photo shoot,” Hill tweeted. “Just know this: When you commit, COMMIT. Enjoy. Thank you @mytouchweddings for making this happen. Shout-out to Jay Z and Beyonce for being them.”

Hill and Wallace announced their engagement last December in the midst of the holiday season.

For the engagement shoot, the pair shut down the Detroit Institute of Arts and the Detroit Public Library to capture the ambiance of the "Apesh**t" vid. The sports media figure is a Detroit native, so the shoot serves as a tribute to her roots as well. 

Like "Apesh**t," the happy couple change from one vibrant outfit to another every time they appear in a different part of the Institute of Arts. 

The most popular part of the engagement photo shoot video is only one half. The rest of the footage shows the couple outside the Institute of Arts enjoying each other's company as Queen Bey voice serenades in the background. 

Congrats to the newly engaged lovebirds!