Jennifer Lopez took a ginormous bite of the culture on Thursday as she espoused her Bronx Girl Magic.

The Hustlers actress was seen gleefully showcasing a t-shirt with the words "Bronx Girl Magic" emblazoned on it, and many on the Twitterverse just want to know why.

Black Girl Magic is a movement founded in 2013 to encourage self-love among Black women. Black Girls are Magic, as the movement was originally dubbed, was created by CaShawn Thompson, as Blavity previously reported.  

"It was important to me that Black women and girls got the message that they are magic, they are important, they are successful, they are beautiful and that all the good things in the world that we want, we deserve and should have," Thompson told Blavity.

Twitter isn't taking this debacle lightly and is doing what it does best: offering opinions and memes galore.

Jackie Aina, a prominent makeup YouTube personality who goes by Naira Banks on Twitter, let her feelings be known about J. Lo's newest venture in a subtle and hilarious manner.

Another user, Hassan Sayyed thought memes would speak louder than words and left this on the timeline.

Another user questioned the unfortunate pattern of Black creations being constantly copied.

Another tired user just asked ol' girl to stop.

The original BGM movement was highlighted, just in case others had a lapse in memory.

Another user is utterly exhausted by the shenanigans.

The following two were intent on knowing why Lopez would even gather the audacity.

One person questioned the singer's motives.

What prompted Thompson to create the BGM movement was an alarming statistic she read about the barrage of negative images often spread by the media to the public.

"At the time that I put the hashtag online there was this deluge of negative press about black women. An article had come out in Psychology Today about us [Black women] being the least physically attractive people on the planet, and then there was something on another platform about us having STDs, and then there was something else about us not being marriageable; all this negative propaganda, just one bad thing after another, that was not my experience at all," she said. "I know plenty of Black women who are married and have partners. I see Black women as being extremely beautiful."

Lopez is no stranger to controversy. 

Many were flabbergasted when the singer was chosen to perform a tribute to Motown during the 61st Grammy Awards, as Blavity previously reported. Lopez insisted her performance was a dedication to her mom, although it was supposed to be for Motown.

We're certain you and other Bronx girls are plenty magical, J.Lo, but let us have this.