Alex Trebek may need to give Jeopardy! contestants a lesson in pop music iconology.

After contestant Sarah Jett Rayburn confused Chaka Khan for Shaka Zulu, as Blavity previously reported, another contestant proved they also needed to brush up on their Black icons. 

Rival Alwin Hui chose the $800 question in the “Billboard Music Awards” category.

"As the recipient of the 2018 Icon Award, she took 'Control' and took to the stage in her first live TV performance in nearly a decade," Trebek said.

The question board then showed a video of Janet Jackson performing her 1986 hit, “Nasty.”

Hui buzzed in before the other contestants and confidently answered with “Who is Ariana Grande?”

Trebek quickly shut down Hui and turned to returning champion Rayburn, who gave the name of the correct pop star.

The high ponytail and thigh-high boots, which are staples in Grande’s style, may have led Hui to confuse the two singers, but Jackson’s dancing and lyrics should have been a giveaway. Grande also had not taken a decade off of performing.

Twitter then turned on Hui but did not forget Rayburn’s mix-up from a few days prior. Many social media users began questioning what’s going on over at the Jeopardy! stage.

A few weeks prior to the music muddle, a contestant on the college championship edition of the program confused two baseball players.

“One of the topics covered in a major league baseball course at Arizona State is this player who broke the color barrier in 1947,” Trebek said.

University of Southern California contestant, Xiaoke Ying, answered with Babe Ruth. The incorrect answer cost her $400.

“Who is Jackie Robinson,” her competitor, Nathaniel Miller, who is a sophomore at Yale University, correctly said.

Ying ended up winning the episode despite her flop, reports NBC Sports.