First Lady Jill Biden and her male counterpart Doug Emhoff greeted each other with a kiss on the lip before Tuesday night’s State of the Union. The greeting has quickly gone viral, and Twitter is blowing up with hilarious responses.

“They finna lose their morning show jobs :(,” one user wrote, referring to TJ Holmes and Amy Robach controversial dismissal from Good Morning America.

“They be doing foursomes in the white house!!!” Another alleged.

Some threw some shade at President Biden.

“Biden doesn’t participate he just watches in the corner like this,” one wrote.




“Biden 3 days from now when he finally realizes what happened,” another added.

One user is already expecting to see the moment parodied on TV.

“SNL writer as we speak:,” they tweeted with a Spongebob Squarepants meme.

And one user even shared a clip of the kiss in slow mo to assess the intimate greeting.

“Y’all they definitely kissed on the mouth… @VP what’s tea sis,” they wrote. 

Neither party has yet to address the kiss.