John Legend is making his tech debut with It’s Good, an app designed to share food and travel recommendations.


It’s Good, which mirrors other recommendations-based websites like Yelp, is a riff on the understanding that “a restaurant rec from one trusted friend is more valuable than recs from 10,000 strangers.” The app encourages users to review and explore their social media friends’ favorite spots. It’s Good will gather recommendations from users’ mutual friends and provide celebrity feature suggestions.

“My friends always reach out to me for ‘my list’ of restaurants in the cities I’ve visited,” the “Green Light” singer said on the app’s website. “With It’s Good, we sought to create a trusted community for food lovers to recommend their favorite spots and discover new ones through a user-friendly platform that’s easily shareable and beautiful.”


The app intends to be your go-to place for saving and sharing your favorite places to eat and drink.

“Trustworthy recommendations for you, by you — from the people you know or admire, all in one beautiful space,” the website states.


Legend’s entry into the tech world is being ushered by his friend and co-founder, tech entrepreneur Mike Rosenthal. It’s Good was born after the two conversed during lockdown in 2020.

Lightspeed Venture Partners supported the duo’s vision, which helped raise $5 million for the app. Lightspeed Venture Partners has helped several celebrity entrepreneurs, like Jessica Alba, The Wall Street Journal reported.


Its intentional absence of negativity sets It’s Good apart from its competitors. The app removes the classic star rating and will limit users to say whether it’s good.


“It’s actually not even built for negative comments,” Legend said, The Wrap reported. “Either you recommend it or you don’t.”