Looks like John Singleton is ready to kick some film industry butt…in court that is. Singleton is suing Paramount and MTV Films claiming they reneged on an agreement to finance and distribute 2 of his films after giving them distribution rights to Hustle & Flow, a 2005 film he produced starring Terrence Howard.

According to TMZ…”Singleton gave Paramount the right to distribute the flick back in 2005 and Singleton took a relatively small, $9 million fee. In return, Paramount promised to green light and finance 2 Singleton pictures in the future, provided the budgets of those films didn’t exceed $3.5 million each. Based on this promise, Singleton also says he later gave the studio the right to distribute “Black Snake Moan.”

Hustle & Flow received critical and financial success as well as opened many career doors for director Craig Brewer but when it came time for Singleton to get his movies made, he claims Paramount started placing unwarranted conditions which made it impossible to make the movies.

He also claims he passed many opportunities and big deals when he signed with Paramount. He’s seeking $20 million. In a recent issue of Jet magazine, the filmmaker lamented on the difficulty of getting black films made in the industry so this recent news doesn’t surprise me.