Johnniqua Charles went viral one year ago after she was recorded on a video singing defiantly to a police officer "You about to lose your job." The song was then remixed and used in protests against police violence across the nation. To mark the one-year anniversary of her shining moment on Thursday, Charles went to Instagram and reflected on her journey in the past 12 months.

"Wow, it’s really been a year since ‘you about to lose your job’ went viral and to me, it’s hitting different because on the fifth I will actually be celebrating a year clean of cocaine and clear off of those streets thank God," she said. "And it might not mean much to nobody else but it means everything to me because for one this is the longest that I’ve ever been clean and off of those streets for this long. And it’s just a blessing.”

The viral sensation expressed her gratitude for her fans and acknowledged how the video transformed her life.

“Everything that came for me because of ‘you about to lose your job’ and everything that is still to come I am just so thankful for," Charles said. "And I am thankful for everybody that was in my corner and everybody that supported me through all of this and I am just grateful and I just want to thank everybody. Have a blessed day.”