It’s a special S&A live podcast today and you won’t want to miss it! At 3:00pm/est TODAY we plan to air our very enlightening interview with the producers of Dark Girl, D. Channsin Berry and Bill Duke.

They reveal what kind of feedback they’ve received especially from black women, the impetus for the film and their hopes of bringing a male version into fruition. We also touched on the black film industry and how we need more “conquers” in our community.

Along with the interview, we plan to talk about HOT TOPICS! Slated for the podcast:

-We’ll continue the discussion on Dark Girls
-Do blacks in the film industry (actors, directors, producers, etc…) exacerbate the problem concerning lack of diversity when they avoid the “burden of representation” issue?
-What’s your “Must See” television show?

Don’t forget to tune in TODAY at 3:00pm/est and call us at (347) 215-8777. Please go HERE to listen and log into the Blogtalk chat room because that’s hilarity you won’t wanna miss as well. See ya there!