With only two live podcast shows left before our August break, we would love if you joined us and provided your two cents worth. So if you want to have a great time with the S&A Crew (Tambay, Sergio, Monique and Cynthia) and hear some film talk, join us today at 8pm/est. We have some great topics to chat about:

-Are publicists and agents working for or against their black talent?
Django Unchained casting update
-Expanding on last week’s talk relating to The Help, what defines a negative role and are black actors/actresses in a “no-win” situation when they accept these roles?
-The Great White hope strikes again! Gerard Butler throws his hat into the proverbial ring as Biker turned preacher, Sam Childers, in Machine Gun Preacher. Are we sick yet of these sorts of movies? What is Hollywood’s obsession with whites in Africa “saving the day”?

We’ve added an additional 30 minutes to the show just to get your feedback. Call in at (347) 215-8777 or join us in the chat room. Remember, you can listen live HERE or download the podcast later. See ya then!