After receiving perfect ten scores in the NCAA championships, Jordan Chiles could not bring it home in the NCAA semi-finals. The semi-finals happened on Thursday, where Utah beat UCLA’s Bruins.

UCLA was pushed to third place during finals. Although the gymnastics team huddled in sadness, they had a successful year. Chiles had a fruitful year outside the team and became UCLA’s first individual national champion since Kyla Ross in 2019.

Despite the disappointing ending, the Olympic silver medalist has her sights on another title. Chiles is leaving college for a while to train for the 2024 Olympics.

“I’ll be training in Texas all of 2024 for the Olympics,” Chiles told International Gymnast, Sports Keeda reported.

Before the loss, Chiles wowed fans with a podium training Tiktok video. The clip featured the song What It Is in the background while Chiles practiced in an empty studio. Giving viewers upbeat energy while recording, Chiles dressed in a grey T-shirt and black leggings gave it all in the TikTok video. 

The Tiktok went viral receiving more than 68,000 likes.

Chiles is positive that the team will have a great year with UCLA coach “The Janelle McDonald, aka Young Nelly.”

“She has definitely put the word ‘intention’ into our brains,” Chiles told LA Times. “I’m going to take that away. Definitely going to use that in my daily life because that was something that was able to help me in my gymnastics.”

Chiles is now laser-focused on her upcoming training and future as an Olympian.