After almost a year since his initial arrest and myriad court appearances, Young Thug still faces significant roadblocks in his journey to freedom.

Fulton County Chief Judge Ural Glanville, who oversees the YSL RICO trial, has encountered another complication, which has led to yet another delay in the case against the rapper born Jeffrey Lamar Williams.

Despite the trial’s original start date in January, jury selection remains in motion with few signs of stopping anytime soon.

A series of bizarre blunders with the jury selection has severely stifled the progress of this case: A potential candidate skipped court and decided to go to the Dominican Republic, which resulted in the mild punishment of having to write a research paper; a second juror received a warning after texting a reporter about the selection process, and, most recently, another juror was sentenced to three days in jail for recording court affairs on her cell phone. 

Despite everything that has repeatedly stalled this trial, Glanville has found yet another dilemma that has brought the trial to a screeching halt.

One of Young Thug’s co-defendants is under the impression that he received legal counsel from former President Donald Trump. 

According to a report from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Jaden Myrick proposed representing himself in the pending trial. However, Glanville swiftly began to question the mental state of the 22-year-old.

In addition to Myrick’s questionable notions, he said he believes he has been studying law and was also in contact with President Joe Biden and Sen. Jon Ossoff, D-Georgia.

Myrick is serving a life sentence for killing Christian Broder in July 2018. 

Glanville is opposed to sanctioning Myrick’s request for self-representation until he undergoes a mental evaluation. The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported that Glanville ordered the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities to conduct one within 48 hours on Tuesday.