Juicy J gave a candid account of why Three 6 Mafia disbanded as a group.

The rapper was a guest on the latest episode of Spotify's The Bridge: 50 Years of Hip Hop podcast with hosts Minya "Miss Info" Oh and legendary hip-hop star Nas, and said that "drugs really broke Three 6 Mafia up."

Nas further inquired about what specific drugs they consumed, and Juicy replied "the wildest drugs."

“From heroin to meth to cocaine, all kinds of pills. A lot of drugs were consumed during the times we were together. When everybody was sober and shit, everybody’s on the same page. But when cocaine’s involved, things change. But I’m not [pointing a finger] at nobody,” recalled Juicy. 

In a VladTV interview, former group member Crunchy Black remembered Juicy penalizing members of the group if they did not complete their work due to their heavy drug use. Juicy recounted a particularly jarring moment when he went to check on the late Lord Infamous.

“I had to bust up in Lord Infamous' room before and I was almost in tears. I thought the n***a was dead at first. So I had to go get the keys, because he wouldn’t answer the phone. I was banging on his door. So I had to bust up in his room and had to pretty much beat him [with a pillow] to wake him up," Juicy said

The rap group was comprised of Juicy J, DJ Paul, Gangsta Boo, and Crunchy Black, as well as late rappers Lord Infamous and Koopsta Knicca. Together they created such bangers like "Slob on My Knob," "Stay Fly," "Sippin on Some Syrup," and others. Their album When the Smoke Clears: Sixty 6 went platinum. In 2006, Juicy J and DJ Paul's track "It's Hard out Here for a Pimp" gained the duo an Academy award, and the song was featured on the soundtrack for the film Hustle & Flow.

The group never officially "broke up." Instead, members began focusing on their solo projects. In 2011, Juicy J signed with Wiz Khalifa.

The remaining members of Three 6 Mafia will go toe-to-toe against Bone Thugs-N-Harmony for the next Verzuz, set for Dec. 2 at 6:30 p.m. PST/9:30 EST.