Have you ever got the opportunity to chop it up with a 21st century renaissance man? Well if not don’t worry, I got the chance to talk to one and his name is Justin Adu and he is redefining the definition of creativity. Justin is highly skilled and knowledgeable about the standards and tradition of his trade.

Check out the interview below to see how Adu got started, what his film style is and what’s up next for him.


What/who inspired you to become a videographer?

Actually it was growing up and just watching a lot of films, I also wanted to be able to figure out a way to bring my art and other creative elements together to create something that was cool and amazing. Also, Spike Lee is someone that I look up to and I always wanted to be able to showcase African- Americans in a positive light.


I got a chance to watch your reFUndLESS LIFE video. What’s the story behind it?

It really was based off of my career and some of the shity jobs that I had. When I started working I needed to figure out a way to be creative and not be put in a box so that was the moral and goal of the film. I wanted people to watch it and do something amazing.


How would you describe your film making style?

Organic. I love having a plan but I also love not having a plan.


I see you are apart of the Marcus Graham project. What is it? What is your role in it? 

I was fortunate enough to be asked to serve as the director of learning for the program by my very good friend the executive director and founder Mr. Lincoln Stephens and I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to be able to make an impact on the lives of future creatives. The program is amazing and thus far I have enjoyed helping wherever I can.


 What projects are you working on right now? 

Right now I am in the process of working on my next film/artshow which consist of a performance piece. I am looking at finalizing everything by Spring of 2015


I know you live out in Dallas, but is their any chance of you moving to a different city to pursue different endeavors in videography?

Right now Dallas is home and I don’t feel that location should alter what you are able to “du” or want to do in general. I enjoy Dallas and the people that live here so until I stop enjoying them I will live here.


Who is your favorite videographer ? Why?

Spike Lee, just for the simple fact that his films are classic and I love the way that he tells the story. He is amazing. Will Packer is also on the come up and someone else that I look up to.


What is your definition of a creative?

Doing whatever the hell you want to do and being whoever the hell you are.


What do you struggle with the most as an videographer?

Budget! Not having enough money to hire or contribute financially to projects. I would love for someone to fund one of my projects in the future.


What social media platform do you find most beneficial to get your videos out to the people?

Word of mouth actually. I will always tell people to view my films and also find a large platform to show them.


What are your plans for the rest of 2014?

To figure out a way to take over 2015.



Justin is a man who can’t be boxed in by labels. He’s more than just a videographer. He’s a graphic designer, advertiser, curator and teacher. To put it plain and simple he is a creative. He embodies everything Blavity is about and we hope you follow his journey as he continues to defy boundaries and expectations. He is in a class all by himself, right where he belongs.

 You can find Justin below!