Justin Timberlake delivered the half-time performance at the Super Bowl game on Sunday which Black Twitter did not fully embrace, and rightfully so. 

As part of his performance, Timblerlake sang snippets from his top songs over the years which many users could have cared less about celebrating in light of the "nipplegate" fiasco during the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show in February 2004. The wardrobe malfunction sparked a huge scandal that unfairly crippled Jackson's career for years. 

While many users spent the day engaging in the #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay which took over Twitter feeds on Sunday, they also shared thoughts on Timberlake's tribute to the late legend Prince which he performed in Prince's home city of Minnesota. Many felt the tribute, which projected a large image of Prince in the sky was ill-fitting for Timberlake to deliver a tribute to considering the two had a rocky relationship in the pastand that Prince was never too fond of Timberlake to begin with, or with resurrecting his legacy via technology.  

Read some of the reactions from Black Twitter and what they had to say in response to Timberlake's half-time performance: