TikTok has announced the 2023 Black Visionary Voices list, and it contains several movers and shakers who are have been driving content, discussions and more on the app.

According to TikTok, the list “honors Black creatives, small business owners and culture disruptors on TikTok who are making an impact in their industries and raising the bar across culture and entertainment. Our honorees reflect backgrounds in beauty, education, fashion, food, music, dance, activism and more.”

The list includes creators like Kahlil Greene, industry disruptors such as musician Ice Spice and food influencer Keith Lee, as well as business owners like Danessa Myrick and Brandon Blackwood.

Photo: TikTok

Additionally, TikTok has announced several other programming initiatives for Black History Month.

This includes an in-app #BlackTikTok hub which will have powerful stories from creators and spotlight Black-owned businesses, a month-long spotlight on Black music, a series of #BlackTikTok LIVES on Feb. 24, a series of in-person events to celebrate #BlackTikTok, and recognition of TikTok’s employee resource

Learn more about the Visionary Voices honorees below via their official descriptions provided by TikTok:


  • @_itzpsyiconic_ (Houston, TX) – Kelon has created an entire universe (aka “Terriverse”) of utter chaos on TikTok. While playing his infamous characters Terri Joe, Jeorgia Peach, and Amethyst Jade, Kelon has brought smiles to his adoring followers nightly on TikTok LIVE. His content is not for the faint of heart, but it is nothing short of a great time and a great laugh.

  • @cozy.games (San Francisco, CA) – Kennedy is a gaming and lifestyle creator who focuses on incorporating coziness into all aspects of life. She aims to welcome more people into the “cozy” side of the gaming community with inspirational content and game recommendations.

  • @emmanuel.uddenberg (Toronto, Canada) – Emmanuel Uddenberg is a creator from Toronto who combines his passion for fashion and creativity through videos on TikTok. His taste in minimalism and modern aesthetics and his relaxed demeanor permeate across his account, resulting in a calming space for those looking for everyday style inspiration.

  • @kahlilgreene (New York, NY) – Kahlil Greene, also known as the “Gen Z Historian,” is a digital educator best known for his series Hidden History, which dives into stories of American injustice. A graduate of Yale University where he served as the college’s first Black president in its 318 year history, Kahlil’s goal is to equip young people with an understanding of why American society operates as it does, through commentary on US politics and culture.

  • @xoxoemira (New York, NY) – Emira D’Spain is a creator in the fashion and beauty space, known for her comedic “Get-Ready- With-Me” makeup videos on TikTok. Born in Dubai and raised in Dallas, the transgender model and internet personality has created a platform where she talks to her fanbase of “C*nty Barbies,” offering tips and insights on beauty and fashion from an authentic point of view. After recently becoming the first Black transgender model to work with Victoria’s Secret, Emira wants to continue paving the way for the LGBTQ+ community.

Industry Disruptors

  • @chikybomreal (Miami, FL) – Lisette Eduardo, known as Chikybombom, is a social media personality, businesswoman, and media influencer. Originally from the Dominican Republic, she is among the most well-known personalities on the internet with over 10.3 million netizens following her on TikTok.

  • @icespicee (New York, NY) – “You thought I was feelin’ you?” has become the line heard all across social media, fueled by Bronx rapper/singer Ice Spice. The 23-year-old rising star first posed that question on her viral hit “Munch (Feelin’ U)” and it’s been up ever since. While Ice Spice is steadily soaring up the ranks as the First Lady of Bronx Drill, she has much more in store—transcending genres and moving from New York City onto the rest of the world.

  • @keith_lee125 (Las Vegas, NV) – Keith Lee is a creator based in Las Vegas, NV who uses his platform to highlight small owned and family restaurants that may have amazing food and customer service, but are not well known. He uses his food review format to give his honest opinion while enjoying one of his passions — eating food.

  • @lynaevanee (Atlanta, GA) – Lynae Vanee, a two-time NAACP Image Award Nominee, is a multifaceted poet, producer, director and starring talent hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. A graduate of Spelman College and Boston University with a Master’s Degree in African American Studies, Lynae uses her digital platforms to speak on race, feminism, politics, and inclusivity.

  • @maiyathedon (New York, NY) – Maiya The Don is a Brooklyn-bred Hip Hop artist best known for her big personality and braggy punchlines, with a mission to make everyone feel as confident as she is. Starting as a makeup artist and beauty creator on TikTok, 20-year-old Maiya is rising to stardom with her new single “Telfy,” which pays homage to Black-Owned fashion brand, Telfar.

Small Business Owners

  • @brandonblackwoodnyc (Brooklyn, NY) – Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Brandon Blackwood is the Founder, Creative Director, and CEO of his namesake brand. He is a first generation American born to Jamaican and Chinese parents, and in 2015 he created Brandon Blackwood NYC — largely influenced by his own personal life as every bag is named after his family, close friends, or places he has lived. He was also recently nominated for a CFDA Award for Best Accessory Designer and has since expanded his company into eyewear, outerwear and footwear.

  • @danessamyricksbeauty (Bethpage, NY) – Celebrated Makeup Artist & Educator for over 25 Years, Danessa Myrick’s innovates multi-use products that inspire beauty lovers of all skin tones and skill levels to create, customize, and explore a world of beauty without boundaries.

  • @juicybodygoddess (Charlotte, NC) – Summer Lucille is a creator and entrepreneur from Charlotte, NC who combines her love for fashion and building womens’ confidence through videos on TikTok. She reminds people that they are worthy of being loved and encourages everyone to love their size, tummy and body, no matter their size or weight.

  • @spicekitchengrill (Brentwood, MD) – Olumide Shokubi, the founder and owner of Spice Kitchen West African Grill, is a first-generation Nigerian-American dedicated to being a building block in the reformation, education, and empowerment of Black people everywhere. Through creative videos on TikTok, General Manager Marcus Bryan aims to celebrate the beauty of Black cuisine by sharing the gem that is West African street food with the world.

  • @urbandessertlab (New York, NY) – Courtney B. and Zan B.R. are co-founders of Urban Dessert Lab, the World’s First Oat-Milk Ice Crème Shoppe. With a location in New York City and a second location coming soon to West Hollywood, CA, the duo has garnered a cult following and nationwide media and celebrity attention with their plant-based creations, including artisanal soft serve, hard scoop ice crème, cakes, toppings and mix-ins. Zan and Courtney continuously partner with organizations who shed light on social justice issues and utilize TikTok as a place for community connection, engagement, and to share mouth-watering content.