Photo: The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Photo: The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Lately, every time we hear about Kanye it's because he's gone on a Twitter rant that's left people both concerned and confused. On Thursday's episode of Ellen, he discusses why he "absolutely should not" have people review his tweets even though his wife Kim Kardashian suggested it

His talk with Ellen got real when he began to discuss how the motive behind all of his actions is because he believes in "everyone being able to experience a more beautiful life." He spoke about calling up the head of Payless because he remembers "wanting to have a cool outfit" in the 5th grade and now he'd like to use his fashion knowledge to work with them to end bullying

Kanye even called out "the media" for positioning stories about him in a way that make him seem crazy

Get the full experience of his passionate rant below:

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