Katt Williams is known for always speaking his mind, on and off the stage. He lived up to that reputation and then some while appearing on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast, during which he had a lot to say about Hollywood, his fellow A-list comedians and more. Clips of the explosive interview are starting to command the attention of social media users. Here’s what you need to know about the sea of soundbites.

Williams accused Cedric the Entertainer of stealing his material.

According to Complex, a few minutes into the interview, Williams called out Steve Harvey and Cedric the Entertainer, the latter for allegedly stealing his material in the late ’90s.

“He thought that I was just a no-name comedian, and that he could take this joke and nobody would know. The issue was that I had already done this particular joke on BET’s ComicView twice,” Williams explained. “Cedric comes to The Comedy Store, he watches me in the audience, he comes backstage, he tells me what a great job I did and how much he loves the joke. Two years later, he’s doing that as his last joke on The Kings of Comedy, and he’s doing it verbatim; he’s just changed my car into a spaceship.”

Williams said the joke wasn’t “just a random joke. This is my very best joke, and it’s my last joke, and it’s my closing joke,” USA Today reported.

Later in the episode, Williams went back in on Cedric, saying he looks like a walrus and does not possess the talent his stage name suggests.

“We found out he can’t sing, can’t dance and doesn’t write jokes,” Williams said. “He did four comedy specials. They’re so bad, Shannon, they’re not available on Netflix or Tubi.”

He accused Steve Harvey of ripping off Mark Curry's 'Hangin' with Mr. Cooper.'

Williams also stated Harvey ripped from Mark Curry, best known for portraying Mark Cooper in Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper from 1992 to 1997, with his role on The Steve Harvey Show. 

“The same Steve that went to go watch Mark Curry do his whole sitcom and then stole everything Mark Curry had,” he accused. “Now Steve got a sitcom where he the principal, and he wear a suit. And then he gets this high-top fade, making all Black men think he got the best lineup in the business, and it’s a man unit.”

Mimicking Harvey, he added, “Then you ask him, ‘Why you not a movie star?’ ‘I didn’t want to be a movie star.’ This the same Negro that hated on Bernie with this same thing.”

Williams argued that Harvey “couldn’t be a movie star.”

“There are 30,000 new scripts in Hollywood every year. Not one of them asked for a country bumpkin Black dude that can’t talk good and look like Mr. Potato Head. There ain’t none. You have to have range,” he said.

He said they have alienated him for years.

Williams confessed to Sharpe that he feels no way about calling out the duo, and they’ve alienated him his whole career.

“For 30 years, they’re a group. These aren’t three random guys,” he said. “The way that Rickey Smiley kept appearing at all my auditions is because of Steve and Ced. He would tell anybody that. Listen, they got a gang on that side. They know what it is.”

Cedric has responded to Williams’ comments, calling them “corny af” and “revisionist history” on Instagram, The Shade Room reported.

He denied he took Rickey Smiley's role in 'Friday After Next.'

Williams starred in the 2002 comedy-drama Friday After Next alongside Ice Cube, John Witherspoon and comedian Rickey Smiley. The latter told Sharpe he originally had Williams’ role, which Williams vehemently denied.

“This man told you he had Katt Williams’ role. He was going to be Money Mike, and Katt Williams was going to be the Santa Claus,” Williams said on Club Shay Shay. “We auditioned in Los Angeles. I was audition No. 201; 200 Black comedians auditioned for the role of Money Mike with me. You’re saying all 201 of us was auditioning, and you had already had the role and had already shot the role in four days?”

After Friday After Next, Williams had a clause added to his contracts stating that he would only work with Smiley if he wore a dress in his roles.

“Now, what was Rickey Smiley’s next movie? Was it First Sunday? Did he wear a dress in it? You bet he did. It’s in my contract.” Williams said. “That’s where he’s a believable actor. Him and Tyler Perry can’t play a man to save their life. They play good women.”

He said he turned down an invitation to one of Diddy's parties because of sex allegations.

Williams also weighed in on the various sexual assault allegations Sean “Diddy” Combs faces, sharing that he once turned down an invitation to one of the producer’s parties due to the sex allegations floating around at the time, HipHopDX reported.

“I gotta protect my integrity and that virgin hole I was telling you about ’cause P. Diddy be wanting to party, and you gotta tell him no,” he said, referencing a comment he made earlier about needing to “still have a virgin a*****e and never have sucked a p***s” to “get this far in Hollywood.”

“You got to tell him no. I did. I got the receipts for everything I’m telling you,” he added.

Williams had more to say about the music mogul, addressing his attitude toward women later in the episode.

“When I see people’s wives and stuff, I don’t even look at ’em,” he said. “I don’t wanna look at nothing I don’t wanna have because I know how blessed I am,” he said, adding, “If I look at it, I got it. That’s how Diddy be feeling.”

Watch Katt Williams’ full explosive Club Shay Shay interview below.