Kehlani does not think the Bay Area Rapid Transit system is working hard enough to catch the white man who brutally stabbed two sisters, leaving one dead.

The “Again” singer called out BART for dedicating more time to prosecuting petty crime than the July 22 stabbing.

Nia Wilson, the 18-year-old girl Kehlani named, and her sister, Latifa, were being good Samaritans when they were attacked, according to their sister, Nishiya. Latifa remains in the hospital in critical condition.

“They were helping a lady with a stroller get off BART. Nia said, 'Somebody hit me!' Latifa looked at her and said, 'Your neck!' And then Latifa said she got hit but realized she got stabbed. And then he stabbed Nia again in the stomach,” Nishiya told CBS SF.

A witness told The San Francisco Chronicle there was no warning before the stabbing. He said he had his back turned until he heard chaos and turned around to see one of the women bleeding from her neck and the unidentified man “poking” the other one.

The assailant is still at large. He is described as a white man in his 20s or 30s with short hair and a heavy build.

Investigators claim the attack was random.

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