Keith Lee‘s food review tour is the gift that keeps on giving. The popular TikToker, who has gained popularity due to his authentic restaurant reviews, recently made a significant impact on a dessert shop in Pearland, Texas.

Janel Prator, owner of The Puddery, first posted a video on Instagram on Nov. 26 and talked about the struggles she has been facing with her business.

“There are times where I only have two customers, there are times where I can’t pay my bills,” Prator said, fighting through tears, in her Instagram video. “I left my job to pursue this business twice…I walked away from my career, I walked away from my benefits. And it’s all my choice; I made the decision because I had a dream.”

Prator then called Lee’s visit “an opportunity of a lifetime for a business like mine,” adding that her business was struggling.

As Blavity previously reported, Lee announced on Nov. 19 that he was planning to make a stop in Houston. When he got word of Prator’s story, Lee visited The Puddery in Pearland, located just outside of Houston. Lee fell in love with the shop’s desserts and left a $2,000 tip, the Houston Chronicle reported. A day after Lee’s visit to the shop, customers flocked to Prator’s business and formed long lines outside to try her sugary-sweet creations.

In his TikTok clip, which received nearly 9 million views, Lee showed love for Prator’s Oreo “Croffle” and signature banana pudding, saying he’s “not even a sweets person” but calling his visit to The Puddery “immaculate.”

@keith_lee125 The Puddery taste test 💕 would you try it ? 💕 #foodcritic ♬ original sound – Keith Lee

Prator tagged Lee at least a dozen times on social media in an attempt to get his attention. Responding to a social media user who criticized her for persistently tagging Lee, Prator said she has no regrets about doing whatever it takes to keep her business open.

“The first time I shut my business down back in 2010, I was dang near homeless because I had left my job to pursue my business. And I was couch surfing; I was homeless basically, I couldn’t even put gas in my car,” she said in the same Instagram video mentioned earlier. “So, for the person that said that I’m low key begging for this man to come to my store, no, I’m persistently asking. I deserve it. I worked my butt off to the point where my fingers are numb. So yes, can you please come to my store that I’ve been working hard to keep open?”

Upon learning that Lee made a special trip to The Puddery, Prator reposted his video to her shop’s Instagram account. “WE DID IT!!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 ” she captioned the clip. “It’s all because of YOU ALL!!! Thank you. 🙏🏾 @keith_lee125 thank you. 🙏🏾 #keithlee #thepuddery #godisamazing”