Kelly Rowland said she had to make adjustments to her childbirth plan because of the COVID-19 pandemic, telling The Ellen DeGeneres Show fill-in host Kalen Allen that she invited family members to the significant life event through Zoom. 

Rowland is on the road promoting her new EP K and sat down with Allen for a few minutes to discuss some fun moments in her life. 

She admitted that while the life of a mother is far from glamorous, she couldn't be happier with her second son Noah Jon Weatherspoon, who was born on Jan. 21.

Noah is her second child with husband Tim Witherspoon after Titan, who was born in 2014, according to CNN. 

"If I'm being honest, the whole left side of my shirt smells like spit-up. But my son is in love with his baby brother," Rowland said. 

"The last time when I had Titan, my family was in there and this time they weren't. Everyone was feeling a way about that because we like to be with each other. We got a Zoom and everyone was there. The proper angle only," she joked. 

Allen went on to ask Rowland about a variety of fun topics including a longrunning joke among Destiny's Child fans. The globally popular girl group gave an interview in 2001 where many fans believed they were smoking marijuana beforehand. 

The two had a good laugh before Rowland denied that they had been smoking. 

Allen then asked about the reactions of Beyoncé Knowles-Carter and Michelle Williams to her new son.

When she invited them over, the two took turns holding Noah and sharing her joy. 

"I have pictures, of course, of them holding him and just loving on him and hugging him and everything," Rowland said.

Allen followed up the sweet story with a question about if the former girl group members had a group chat. 

"I always say, Destiny's Child is one thing, that's singing together and winning awards and everything like that. But the friendship that we share is still to this day. I love my girls, my sisters," Rowland said, confirming that they do, in fact, have a group chat with the three of them.

Allen joked that it should be named "Destiny's Women" or "Destiny's Grown Ass Women."