Kendall Jenner And Pepsi Slammed After Problematic, BLM-Inspired Ad Released

We just....have no words for this.

Photo Credit: Photo: Pepsi

| April 04 2017,

11:20 pm

So, for some reason what we can't even fathom, Pepsi thought it would be cool idea to feature Kendall Jenner as a social justice warrior in their latest commercial.

In the ad, there seems to some sort of protest or rally going on. There is lots of imagery, clearly taken from protests surrounding Black Lives Matter and other social injustices. 

We see Jenner preparing for a photoshoot, wearing a blonde wig and lipstick. Suddenly, she snatches off the wig and removes the lipstick with her hand as she struts outside, receiving praise from surrounding folks of all races and backgrounds. 

She approaches a line of police officers standing in front of the protesters, and offers one of them a Pepsi.

After this, everyone cheers. Everyone is happy. Kumbaya! one is feeling this commercial. all. 

Who knew this was possible? 

This is real.

We hope the people behind this didn't think it was this simple.

The real issue of this ad.


Watch the commercial below