Keshia Knight Pulliam has revealed she wants to play Janet Jackson.

Pulliam told Nick Cannon while being a guest on his self-titled talk show that she would love to play Jackson in a biopic. While she was on Nick Cannon to promote her upcoming hosting job for Lifetime’s Married at First Sight after party, Cannon showed an Instagram picture of Pulliam with Jackson and talked about how both women represented his childhood.

“This is my whole childhood…my whole puberty…from Keshia Knight Pulliam to Janet Jackson, it made me feel so happy,” he said, adding that he wanted to know the story about how they met for the picture.

Pulliam said how she had originally meet Jackson when she was eight or nine years old, adding, “And I am like, ‘Listen, if I am alive and able, when you are ready to do your life’s story, I’m playing you.”

She did add that if she doesn't get to play Jackson, she would want to produce or direct the film

She said, “[Playing Jackson] is my dream and guess what…if for some reason I am too old and can’t do it, I will be directing or executive producing something. I will be a part of this.”

According to the Atlanta Black Star, some fans felt like she would be perfect for the role, while others were certain all they wouldn’t be able to get their minds to click over from Pulliam’s role on The Cosby Show. One viewer commented on social media, “I don’t see her playing Janet, as a big Janet fan…All I’ll see is Rudy.”

Even though fans are currently split on if Pulliam can pull off playing Jackson, time will tell if she will be able to achieve her dream.

You can watch the full interview below.