Update (Nov. 29, 2021): Serena Williams added to the Kevin Durant ashy ankle jokes, covering her legs in some Pam Cooking Spray in a follow-up TikTok video. 

“Doing everything I can to not look like my boy KD out here,” Williams said as she sprayed her legs down. 

Durant was slightly offended by the jokes thrown his way over his ashy ankles, which were on display at a recent Nets game. SLAM Kicks posted an up-close photo of the basketball star’s legs. Shortly after, Isaiah Thomas commented on the picture with an incredulous reaction inciting a riot of jokes online, leading to Durant being a trending topic within minutes. 

It’s unclear what the business relationship between Durant and Williams might be, but the two have run across each other on numerous occasions. According to Sports Rush, they are both signed to Nike and have invested in the same business, InfiniteObjects.

Durant may not have handled the jokes aimed at him very well, telling his followers that he would pull out his “y’all broke card,” but he might take this joke well, considering it’s from a friend.

Original (Nov. 24, 2021): Kevin Durant wasn’t here for all of the jokes made at his expense over his ashy ankles seen during Monday night’s Brooklyn Nets game. The athlete left an explicit response Tuesday morning after the up-close picture of his legs, captured by the SLAM Kicks Twitter account.

Twitter overall had a field day cracking jokes about the cracks in his skin, but Durant was quick to pull out his finances — reminding everyone he may be ashy, but he’s still richer than most.

There's no excuse for plain ashiness, as this person writes. Though a "topographical map of Utah" might be a stretch.

Years ago, the jokes surrounding Durant not brushing his hair used to be the stimulus for a full on roasting session. But, to add ashiness on top of the unbrushed hair may be the icing on the cake. 

Kevin Durant is ASHY!!! pic.twitter.com/cepOkifXiN

Comedian KevOnStage couldn't go without creating a full video solely focused on coming for Durant's ankles.