Folks were looking at Kevin Gates sideways when he shared that he once restarted a dead car battery with his bare hands. Now, a new video circulating on social media might have proved the rapper wasn’t lying.

Gates told what many felt was a tall tale earlier this year while appearing on Yung Miami’s podcast, Caresha Please. As reported by Hot New Hip Hop, he brought it up again in August on DJ Akademics’ show, Off The Record, explaining that he just placed his “hands over the battery and prayed, ‘Lord please let this woman battery start.’”

DJ Akademics had a hard time believing that the feat was successful.

“On a physics level, that’s impossible,” he told the “2 Phones” rapper.

But Gates claimed because the human body releases electricity, it is possible. He argued that your hand can cause static shock, which is powerful enough to recharge a battery.

Even though DJ Akademics said that kind of power “is so minuscule compared to what you need to start a car,” Gates stood firm in his truth — and he continued to do so as the internet roasted him for his claims.


Now, the internet may owe Gates an apology.

A video of a man using his bare hands to start a car has recently gone viral. In the clip, the man puts his hands on what appears to be the car’s battery while another individual attempts to start the car. It doesn’t work. The man then put his other hand on some sort of portable generator, snaps his other finger (which is on the hood of the car), puts his hand on the battery and instructs the other individual to start the car again. Sparks fly, and after a few seconds, the car revs.

“Twitter owes Kevin Gates an apology,” one user wrote.

Another added, “He was telling the truth ?”

One viewer pointed out that Gates and another rapper known for telling colorful stories get flack for capping when most of the time they aren’t.

“Kevin gates and solja boy have the most fairy tail stories but they really don’t be lying,” they wrote.

In an Instagram post, Perfect Plug also shared the video, asking their followers whether they now believe the rapper can start a dead car battery with his hands. Viewers in the comments were split.

“Kevin Gates kids watching this like bruh,” one viewer wrote.

“I believe him,” added another.

Some viewers couldn’t get over Gates’ scientific explanation on Off The Record for how the phenomenon works.

“‘i took chemistry’… this ain’t chemistry,” one commenter shared.

“Bro said he took chemistry,” another added, including a skull emoji at the end.

Others predicted this will become the latest TikTok trend.

“Now ppl finna start tryin this and get cooked by car batteries,” a viewer wrote.

“Lmfao this finna trend like then tide pods did,” another added.


One user had an important message for people interested in giving restarting a car with their hands a try.

“Take your shoes and socks off when you do this,” they wrote.