Kid Cudi has decided to remove one of his popular songs from SoundCloud after an awkward exchange with a fan on Twitter. The 38-year-old artist announced his decision after somehow taking offense when the fan appeared to be praising Cudi’s “Love” song on Soundcloud.

“I fkn love u @KiDCuDi thank you so making this masterpiece,” the fan wrote while posting a screenshot of the song as seen on SoundCloud.

Cudi replied to the comment, asking the fan if they knew the song is featured on his compilation album, The Boy Who Flew to the Moon, Vol. 1.

“U know i released this officially right?” Cudi wrote.

The fan replied, saying “the OG version on SoundCloud hits different.”

The “Love” artist then announced his decision to take the song off Soundcloud.

“Taking it off,” he said.

People on Twitter lashed out at the artist as they struggled to understand why he was outraged by what seemed to be a harmless comment.

Cudi continued to rant in a series of tweets after facing backlash from fans.

“Anybody switchin up and talkin s**t about me taking off my song on soundcloud thanx for showin who u truly are,” he wrote. “It’s one of the reason i dont want to do music anymore. (Some) fans can be toxic and not cool sometimes. And this app really be showin some of yall true colors.”

The “Stars In The Sky” artist still had a lot more to say on the app.

According to the Independent, Cudi made a similar comment earlier this year, saying he plans to give up music in the near future and switch to another craft.

The Grammy-winning artist also made another announcement earlier this week, saying he has one more album to make before completing his record deal, but it won’t be released until 2023.

“Im doin one more album and then im done w my deal and not sure what ima do after that but yea, one more. Won’t be next year. Keep u posted,” he tweeted.

Despite the latest backlash, many fans are still eagerly anticipating the arrival of Cudi’s next project.