Updates on Kinyarwanda producer Tommy Oliver's feature film diretorial debut titled 1982 – a project we first alerted you to in May.

First a quick recap: it's based on a true story that revolves around a black father whose wife suffers from a crack cocaine addiction, and his efforts to protect his 10-year old daughter from having to experience life as the child of a drug addicted mother, while also trying to help her (the mother/his wife) become clean again.

The story is set in 1982 in Philadelphia, at the very onset of the crack epidemic, and at the time of my last post, we knew that Hill HarperRuby DeeElise NealMichael K. Williams and Keri Hilson were in the cast, with other names circling the project.

Skip forward 2 months to today, and I can tell you that those "other names" who may or may not have been circling the project, and who are now definitely confirmed to be in the film's cast are: Sharon Leal, Bokeem Woodbine, Quinton Aaron, Wayne Brady, Lala AnthonyOmar Benson Miller, and Christopher Mann.

Principal photography began in Philly on July 3rd, with Tommy Oliver directing from his own screenplay, as well as producing, along with Hill Harper and Heather Rae

If you follow Oliver, or any of the film's starring cast on Twitter, you would have seen several on-set photos some of them shared on the social networking site, like the one above this post, with a transformed-to-1982 Hill Harper and Lala Anthony.

And Wayne Brady shared the photo below, along with the caption:

Just got my butt kicked by @hillharper on the set of "1982" and loved every minute!

So it looks like we can expect a fight scene between characters played by Harper and Brady in the completed film – assuming the scene doesn't end up on the cutting room floor.

We'll continue to track the project's progress, so stay tuned…