Kirk Franklin is trending on social media after sharing a hilarious moment with his bodyguard during one of his concerts.

According to the Atlanta Black Star, Franklin is part of The Reunion Tour with gospel legends Tye Tribbett, The Clark Sisters, David and Tamela Mann and Israel Houghton. The group’s Oct. 22 tour stop in Washington, D.C., was a memorable experience for the 53-year-old and those who attended the show.

During the concert, Franklin jumped off the elevated stage in front of the crowd while his choir sang a new rendition of the ’90s hit “Stomp.” The Texas native walked to the side of the stage and signaled one of the security guards to help him. As he reached out his hand, one of the guards pulled him up.

Franklin continued singing and appeared shocked after witnessing the guard’s strength as he pulled him back onstage. He started to sing “GP, are you with me?” a few times but couldn’t stop laughing after the incident.

On Thursday, Black Culture News posted the viral video to its Instagram account, and fans didn’t hesitate to share their thoughts on the songwriter’s experience with one of his bodyguards.

“Imagine being picked up like a toddler as a 50 year old man 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂,” one user commented.

“Kirk thought it was the rapture taking him home! 😂,” another wrote.

“That scene is a metaphor… This is how Jesus will snatch you up out of the pits of Hell! 🤣😂🤣💖,” a third user shared.

Earlier this year, Franklin had another memorable moment. Blavity reported that the “Melodies from Heaven” artist opened up after reuniting with his estranged birth father after 53 years of not knowing him.

“This is the first time I’ve had a behind-the-scenes videographer capturing content for the making of a project,” he told People magazine. “I recorded the first song in March. Then in April, everything shifted and became something I could have never planned for.”