Kirk Franklin is a gospel legend known for writing, performing, and producing some of the world’s biggest gospel and inspirational hits for himself and others.

In recent years, he and his blended family have emerged as an example of Black love on social media. His marriage has resonated with fans.

Now, Kirk and his wife Tammy are spearheading a new competition dating series for TV One, The One.

The Franklins have had the tools to maintain a healthy union and want to share it all with those seeking love. They’ll use those tools to guide single folks who have fantastic lives but are not thriving in their personal romantic lives.

They spoke about hosting the reality show and what they the feel issue is with people struggling to find love.

Kirk has done a few scripted television projects as of late and Tammy participated in the docuseries special 'Behind Every Man' on OWN, where she dished on being the backbone of her and Kirk’s family. But reality television is a new venture for them both. Instead of focusing on highlighting their own family, they were interested in the dating show for various reasons.

But the main reason for Kirk was for him to give Tammy the shine she deserves.

“It was an idea of one of my creative partners who Tammy used to babysit. We were presenting several ideas to the network. And so this was one of the ideas that I had curated. And they really love the idea. And then I was also excited about people getting a chance to see Tammy,” he told us. “In and out of out marriage, she’s great, she’s charismatic, she’s really fun, she’s beautiful. And so I’m just hoping that people can now see a lot of the talents inside of her.”

The longtime couple is aware that dating has changed drastically over the years, and there are new boundaries that singles face that weren’t present when they were dating. Tammy says the biggest roadblock is social media, as well as the emotional disconnect this generation possesses.

“Living in an age of social media and there is this instant gratification but it’s all about the scroll. And quite often you can view people from what they are providing you externally on these apps, but at the same time you have the option where you can immediately distance yourself mentally and emotionally – and sometimes, there’s not a lot of grace given. But if you want a relationship, there has to be balance. There’s an emotional disconnect now,” she explained.

And while they’ve been together for more than 20 years, they don’t want others to view them as the blueprint of what to do and what not to do. Both agree that all couples have ups and downs that aren’t shared with the public

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