Leave it to Black Twitter to take over a proper dragging of a person or group who steps out of line. Even while debates rage over whether users will stay on the app or migrate over to one of its rivals, Black Twitter users have been taking the time to roast everyone from presidential candidate Nikki Haley to Keke Palmer’s boyfriend. In the midst of all that, they’ve carved out some time to drag the conservative group Moms for Liberty.

Philadelphia did not welcome Moms for Liberty

This particular roasting actually began offline. Moms for Liberty, a Florida-based ultraconservative group that is close to Gov. Ron DeSantis and the MAGA movement, held a convention last Friday in Philadelphia, inviting DeSantis, Trump and other top Republicans. They did not, however, anticipate how many people would show up to give them a piece of their mind. Groups like ACT UP Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Young Communist League organized protests outside the convention’s venue. Local Philadelphians and others who oppose Moms for Liberty’s agenda, which includes banning Black and LGBTQ-friendly books from schools, came out in force to protest the group and to publicly drag them. Protesters wielded signs with messages like “We Don’t Co-Parent With Fascists,’ and ‘Klanned Karenhood: Coming for a School Near You.'”

Black Twitter takes over

Soon, Moms for Liberty went from being dragged by Black people in Philadelphia to being dragged by Black people online, and the “Klanned Karenhood” nickname began trending on the social media site. Twitter user @alamanecer, the author who created of the “Chris Jamal Evans” meme, laughed at the Moms for Liberty nickname as a reason to stay on Twitter.

Author and political commentator Keith Boykin used the term to highlight the history of white women supporting racist white men, referencing the movie The Birth of a Nation.


Soon, Klanned Karenhood spread beyond Black Twitter, and additional nicknames for Moms for Liberty spawned, including “Mary KayKayKay” and the “Minivan Taliban.”

Spreading a conservative and dangerous agenda

While the roasting of Moms for Liberty has been lighthearted at times, the organization’s influence is no laughing matter. The conservative group originated in Florida during the COVID-19 pandemic as local moms began protesting anti-COVID restrictions in their children’s schools. After initially opposing mask wearing and other public health requirements, Moms for Liberty started expanding into other conservative issues, such as book banning. The group has additionally gained notoriety for antagonizing school board members and eventually taking over several school boards through local elections. Even controversies like associations with the Proud Boys or quoting Hitler have not diminished the group’s influence within conservative circles.

As Moms for Liberty have shown no signs of slowing down their conservative mission, they will continue to pop up in new places. And when they do, the will presumably continue to be dragged as they have been since they crossed paths with Philly and Black Twitter.