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The world of professional sports can be highly divisive, as much as it can also serve to unite people around a common goal and dream. We have seen our fair share of athletes who, despite being good at their respective games, have proven time and time to be far from pleasant characters outside the field. Which is why whenever we’re graced by someone like Kobe Bryant, who manages to not only blow his competition out of the water but also show that he is a decent human being, we should celebrate those people.

This is also why the untimely death of the star hits really hard for many of his fans. Kobe was completely dedicated to the game when he was out on the court and always gave it all he had. But at the same time, he managed to find a proper balance between his work and private life, and always gave his family the attention they deserved — perhaps even more. (Although one can, of course, never put a limit on the amount of attention a man’s own family deserves.) Kobe made it clear he cared deeply about everyone who supported him, both those who were in his immediate vicinity, as well as his numerous fans, many he never even met.

It doesn’t take much effort to find people who would readily claim that he has touched their lives in multiple ways. It’s obvious right now. One look through any discussion related to the iconic player’s death is enough to see countless positive stories where he has gone out of his way to help a fan or just to show he cares. One fan recalled a dramatic moment when he was about to get kicked out of a game because he had been gifted exclusive tickets and security assumed they were stolen. Kobe, according to the man, personally stepped in to tell his bodyguards to back down and leave the guy alone. And that’s just one of the many similar stories that one can find about Kobe Bryant without even putting any effort into a search.

Kobe's death was made even more tragic for his wife, Vanessa Laine Bryant, who lost not only her husband, but her daughter, as well. Many are mourning the death of young Gianna Bryant just as much as they are of Kobe. It’s clear the tragedy has managed to touch the hearts of many.

What’s important for Kobe’s fans right now is that his memory is preserved appropriately and that people never forget everything he stood for. Kobe was a man who changed the world of basketball forever, but he was much more than that. He was also a man who realized he had the power to change the lives of those around him and did such with all he had. Hopefully his legacy will live on forever, just as he deserves.