As people were celebrating (or crying about) Valentine's Day earlier this week, Kodak Black decided to shoot his shot at DreamDoll. 

Black had publicly expressed his feelings for the Bad Girls Club star-turned-rapper before, as he outright asked her to be his Valentine through Instagram in late January. He doubled down on these sentiments on Monday by uploading a side-by-side photo of them on social media. 

In the photo, he appears to be tying DreamDoll's shoe, and they seem to be engaged in conversation in the other.

"I'll Tie Yo Shoes & Open Yo Doors," the "Tunnel Vision" rapper captioned his post. "I Wanna Show You Shit I Ain't Shown Before !!! I Wanna Hold Yo Hand, B Yo Friend B4 Yo Man. I Wanna Tell You Shit I Ain't Never Said #HeartBreakKodak #ValentineMassacre #HBK."

Despite "Heart Break Kodak's" best efforts, DreamDoll shot him down in the comment section shortly afterward.

"Y'ALL NEED TO STOP GASSING THIS N***A THIS IS BTS FROM OUR PHOTOSHOOT," DreamDoll responded beneath the upload.

"YOU WILL NEVER BE MY MAN KODAK STOP," she bluntly added in a follow-up comment.