Gentrification is certainly a hot topic in the black community. We recently reported that Kansas City residents were in fear of losing their homes, which is a common fear especially in cities and towns that become trendy.

However, one black woman in the Bay Area has decided to put her foot down. According to CBS San Francisco, Lakiba Pittman has the opportunity to sell her Ventura neighborhood home in Palo Alto for a lot of money, but she refuses to succumb to gentrification. 

Entitled the Olive Avenue Project – named after the street Pittman lives on – the planning process to redevelop the neighborhood will begin in 2018.

“I grew up most of my life on this street,” said Pittman, who has lived in her home since the 1950s. "My parents rented this house." Her parents finally saved up enough money to purchase the house and Pittman continued to live there. 

Photo: CBS San Francisco

The area has become enticing to two particular people who have been purchasing her neighbors' homes, which raises suspicion in Pittman. “I have been approached by both at various times over the last decade,” she said. “As soon as that house sold they came knocking on my door to see if I would sell – ‘we’ll give you a $1 million’ but I said well it’s my home."

However, the sanctity of the black community is very important to Pittman so she isn't budging. Pittman noted that Olive Avenue was one of the few streets where black people were able to purchase homes and she is now the last black homeowner on the street.

“I believe the whole area still means something to the African American community.”

That "something" is clearly priceless to Pittman.

“I mean it’s my house and it’s my home and it’s my legacy and it’s what I want to leave for my son and my grandchildren,” said Pittman.