There's nothing like be reminded that your people got your back.

After a recent police encounter, actor Lance Gross is singing the praises of a couple who saw the run-in with police and made sure to check in on him. Gross tweeted about the encounter over Labor Day weekend. 

“Man I swear I love my people! Got pulled over by a cop just now & another couple stopped to take the time to pull over also to make sure I was good!” he tweeted. “Chain reaction cause now I’ma start doing that for the next! Even though I never felt threatened, cop felt our presence.”

Celebs like comedian Chris Rock has made headlines in the past for recording his encounters with police. About three years ago, he was pulled over while driving three times in less than two months, according to the New York Daily News. 

More recently, comedian and political commentator D.L. Hughley recounted his first encounter with police when he was only 8 years old. 

“I’m walking down the street, me and my best friend, and police screech up to us and ask, ‘Where's such and such?’ We said, ‘We don't know!’” he said during an appearance on "The View."

He said police instructed him to place his hands on the hood of a hot police cruiser. The officer threatened him and hurled a racial slur at him if he removed his hands. “'N****r, if you take your hand off this car, I'm going to blow your head off," he recalled the officer saying. 

Video has also been used as a tool to prove the innocence of black people but many have realized it hasn't always brought about justice. NBA rookie Sterling Brown was tased by police earlier this year.

The video of the horrific case of police brutality had Minnesota official wary of the possible backlash. Brown was tased for no reason at all. The charges against him were dropped.

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