Lauryn Hill and her former partner, Rohan Marley, are responding to backlash after their daughter spoke out about the discipline she received as a child. 

Selah Marley took to Instagram Live to recount her experiences as a young child when Hill would spank her and her siblings. The 21-year-old described her mother as “very angry” during her younger years, saying she was unapproachable and not easy to talk to, according to Complex. 

“She’d be like ‘go get the belt.’ That’s how you know you’re in trouble,” she said. “Now everyone’s shaking in their boots.”

Selah described her experiences as traumatic. 

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“It’s crazy, I’m playing this trauma back in my head as I speak with you,” she said. 

She said Hill would hold the children's hands above their heads as they were spanked and berate them with stern remarks. 

“You’re just screaming crying, right … and then after that it would be ‘fix your face,'” she said. “So now you’re sitting there mad as f**k, you’re mad as s**t and you’re mad, you feel betrayed, you’re angry, you feel betrayed, you’re this and she’s just like ‘yo, fix your face.'"

After recalling the discipline she received as a child, Selah acknowledged that at the time, her mother was “going through her own s**t” and getting attacked by the media. 

“Everyone has their s**t, but my mom changed. She’s not like that anymore, actually. She actually changed. I’m very proud of her,” Selah said.