Family drama appears to be brewing between Lonzo Ball and his dad, LaVar. 

In a newly released clip from the family's Facebook Watch show, Ball in the Family, the men exchange a few heated words in an argument over renaming the company.

Suggesting that Big Baller Brand could use a new name when it relaunches, Lonzo pointed out that the brand has been on rocky ground. Co-founder Allen Foster allegedly walked off with $2 million from Lonzo’s business and personal accounts, Footwear News reported. 

In the now-viral clip, LaVar clapped back by saying, “When I come out with a name and then somebody tells me to change it, that’s like me telling you to change your name. That’s like people saying ‘Oh, yeah, change Lonzo’s name to Alfonzo on the fact that he been damaged goods for the last two years.’”

The cringeworthy dig at Lonzo comes after the New Orleans Pelicans point guard experienced some injuries during his first two years in the NBA.

In June, he was traded by the Los Angeles Lakers, along with Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart and other first-round picks for Anthony Davis. 

On top of finding out about his trade deal via Twitter over the summer, Lonzo was reportedly critical of the BBB’s product.

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, the point guard told Hart on LightHarted Podcast his signature shoe, priced at $495, would fall apart at the soles after playing one quarter on the court. 

“Them ZO2s I was playing in, they was not ready. If you literally have those shoes from those games, they’re exploded," Lonzo said.

Nevertheless, the 21-year-old said he will remain ten toes down to BBB and that he’s “always going to support the brand because it’s my family.”