Chynal Lindsey, Chanel Scurlock, Zoe Spears and Brooklyn Lindsey are just four of a number of trans women of color to be violently killed in 2019.

These are the names of four Black transgender women who have been killed this month, according to the Human Rights Campaign. Tragically, 11 Black trans women have lost their lives this year. 

For Emmy Award-winning producer and actress Laverne Cox, enough is enough. She is fed up with the epidemic of Black trans women being killed. In an interview with BuzzFeed News, she spoke explicitly about the issue and injustices facing this marginalized population.

“Your attraction to me as a trans woman is not a reason to kill me,” the Orange Is The New Black star said. “There’s this whole sort of myth that trans women are out there tricking people, that they deserve to be murdered, and that’s not the case.”

Hurdles such as homelessness and limited access to affordable health care negatively impact the lives of Black trans women.

“You’re more likely to experience violence so those systemic things have to be dealt with,” Cox said. 

Not only does June mark Pride Month, but 2019 is also the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. These riots catalyzed major milestones in the LGBTQ community and were led by trans women of color. 

"As we celebrate Pride … we also have to remember that there’s so much work that needs to be done. The patriots of Stonewall fought back against police-sanctioned discrimination against the LGBTQ community, so it was about fighting a system that was oppressive and discriminatory.”