This week, a video surfaced of The Hollywood Reporter‘s interview with six of the most popular television creators. In the video, Lee Daniels, one of the creators of Empire, called out all of the other roundtable guests for the lack of diversity in their writers’ rooms. He legitimately went around the table and asked every single person how many writers of color they had on staff.

After that, Beau Willimon, the showrunner and writer for House of Cards, got defensive and gave a roundabout explanation of why the diversity of stories and not the diversity of the writers’ room, matters.

But Lee Daniels wasn’t having it.

“It’s repulsive is what it is,” Daniel responded, “It’s inexcusable is what it is,”  He then explained that, aside from the success of Empire, “What is important is that people of color know that they are wanted. Cause y’all done told me that we ain’t wanted. So it’s a beautiful thing.”

Watch the whole interview below, and look out for Lee Daniels’ truth telling at the 50-minute mark.

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