Lil Nas X Came Along Just In Time For The Viral 'Yee Haw' Agenda

"There’s more to the experience of growing up Black in the country than trucks & beer, and that music needs to be made!"

Lil Nas X
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| April 10 2019,

01:12 am

Lil Nas X’s remix of his viral country-(t)rap hit “Old Town Road” reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100, just weeks after Billboard removed the original version from their Hot Country Songs chart. The song's success has not only opened up wider discussions about African Americans and our role in mainstream country music, it's reinforced a viral movement known as the Yee Haw Agenda.


The trend originated from social media star Bri Malandro, after she tweeted a pic of Ciara dolled up in a cowboy hat, posing for King Kong magazine.

"The yee haw agenda is in full effect," she captioned. 

The tweet may have unintentionally started a movement and got Malandro labeled somewhat of an "oracle." Now, if you look up "#YeeHawAgenda" on social media, you'll be inundated with black celebs and regular folk rocking country-western garb as a means, according to Malandro, to highlight the influence of black cowboys and cowgirls in pop culture.

fi yuo cna raed tihs yuo gto teh hsroes ni teh bcak 😤

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ain’t you that yee haw bitch?

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And now that Lil Nas' country song went viral, the Internet can't help but connect his success to the movement.

"We, the country Blacks, welcome you all to the #yeehawagenda," wrote one fan on Twitter. "Country music really is missing out on a lot of money by not cultivating Black artists. There’s more to the experience of growing up Black in the country than trucks & beer, and that music needs to be made!"

If you haven't heard "Old Town Road" by Lil Nas X, what you been doing?:

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