Lil Nas X is wearing his heart on his sleeve in his new visual for "That's What I Want," the fourth single on his debut album Montero, which dropped at midnight on Friday.

Directed by Stillz, known for his work with Bad Bunny, the music video shows a young love between Lil Nas X and a football teammate played by Colombian dancer Yai Ariza. The 24-year-old recently performed with the "Industry Baby" rapper at the 2021 MTV VMAs and took to social media to show appreciation.

The video showcases wild, protected shower sex and a romantic evening by a campfire paying homage to the Academy Award-winning film Brokeback Mountain. In the video, the 22-year-old pop star waits alone at the altar after finding out his beau lived a secret life in a heterosexual relationship.

The VMA-winner drowns his sorrows over a bottle of wine in the clip, singing, "I need someone who needs me/’Cause it don't feel right when it's late at night and it's just me and my dreams/I want someone to love me."

In the video, Billy Porter makes an appearance in what seems to be a "passing of the torch" moment, handing the "Old Town Road" star a guitar at the altar. Porter also showed his support earlier this week at the MTV VMAs when he introduced the "Panini" star before his performance with Jack Harlow. 

"The world wasn't ready for all of this Black boy joy ... It's a new day and I'm so thankful to have lived long enough to see it," the Pose star said. 

The 51-year-old actor had a singing career in the early '90s with the hit single "Show Me," showing off his vocal capabilities.

Along with the video, the viral pop sensation gave "birth" at midnight to his debut album Montero. The 15-track album features Megan The Stallion, Miley Cyrus, Doja Cat and Elton John.

Lil Nas X appeared on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, where he spoke about his excitement for his fans to finally hear his first studio album. 

"I'm just so excited for the world to hear this album," the singer expressed. "I wanted people to get to know me more and give them bops."

Not even a full 12 hours yet, the Twitter universe is praising the album and newly released visual. 

In an interview with Apple Music's Zane Lowe, the BET Hip Hop Award winner told the New Zealand DJ he felt like he knew what he wanted as he prepared for the album. 

"I know what I want. I know where I want to be in life," the Georgia native said. "And I know that's going to take me being more open and bringing it out of myself no matter how much it hurts or feels uncomfortable to say things that I need to say."