Although the S&A crew won’t “officially” return to our podcast show until September, we decided to do a couple of special shows for you since we miss you that much! Today (Tuesday), at 8pm/est, we’ll be joined by the cast of the new film Dreams.

Terri Vaughn
, Tommy Ford, Syesha Mercado, Dennis “LA” White, Angie Stone and Vickie Winans will be our special guest. In addition, the film’s director Joel Kapity and executive producer Marvin Winans Jr.,who stars in the movie also, will be joining us as well.

If you’ll recall, the film intersects the lives of dreamers. Here’s a description:

If you were to watch another’s dream unfold, what would you see? DREAMS the movie gives you a captivating look inside the journey of four dreamers; a dancer, a singer, an ex-boxer, and a rapper, who are all tied together by life’s most common thread: the past. What are you to do when life presents you obstacles too tall to climb? Director, Joel Kapity’s DREAMS, unveils the hope that lies within life’s struggles. With storytelling paralleling that of the movie, Crash, DREAMS, grapples with tough issues including abuse and it’s daunting affects.”

We’ll get all the 411 on the film such as the impetus, how everyone got involved, when will it debut and so on.

You can listen HERE and don’t forget to join the chat room where you can ask questions. As usual, you can download the episode later also. See ya there!