Living With Anxiety As A Blogger

How anxiety gave me a true sense of what blogging is to me.

Photo Credit: Photo: Precious Frazier

| May 01 2017,

01:55 am

When I started my blog, I launched with the intention of empowering and uplifting ambitious women. However, being in a constant battle with anxiety, and in an effort to find peace, I soon found that not only was I helping other women, but I was also doing the same for myself.  

Funny thing is, before I made peace with my anxiety, I used to curse it. And it seemed like the more I cursed it, the more it cursed me back. The more I fought it, it would fight me back. The more I tried to run from it, the faster it would come running toward me.

It wasn't until I stopped asking God, "Why me?" and started to look for healthy ways to manage my anxious thoughts/feelings, that I was truly able to "keep calm." 

And who would've thought blogging would play such an instrumental role in my mental health? I know I wasn't thinking anywhere along those lines.

What I began to observe is that each anxiety bout would leave me so exhausted, that I would literally and physically be unable to do anything, but somehow, I could muster up the energy to write.  

So with each bout of anxiety, that's what I did. I wrote. And through it all, I gained a true sense of what blogging is to me. Allow me to share.

Blogging, you are my peace.

Some of my best blog posts have come out of my frustration, anger and questioning of various aspects of life. I'm naturally a deep thinker and I'm guilty of overthinking at times. When I get "all up in my own head," it leads to a downward spiral of emotions and tears. Blogging has given me a uplifting and productive way to channel that energy. When I write, I always feel much more at peace when I'm finished than when I started.

Blogging is my service.

While I use my blog to express my innermost thoughts, experiences and entrepreneurial lessons learned, I really do it all for my readers. I truly believe that together we are all better. If there's something that I can contribute to my ignite forward progress in the lives of my readers, I'd share it 500 times over again. I see blogging as just one way that I can give back a portion of what God has given to me. I'm not saying that I have so much, but what I do have is a new opportunity (each day) to walk in truth, chase my dreams and inspire/serve those that I love. Each day that I'm able to do this, is another day that I feel extremely grateful to be alive.

Blogging is freedom.  

I've been in enough situations where I didn't speak up, had enough interactions where my voice was overshadowed and have had low enough self-esteem to know what it feels like to just want to "be yourself and to be free."

For me, blogging is my freedom. It's where I can be the completely open, vulnerable and uncensored version of Precious. It's where I feel completely comfortable with sharing some of my greatest fears and greatest hopes. I remember when I started Rock Your Reality. I promised that I would do just that.

I promised that I wouldn't try to be this perfectly buttoned up, highly-educated sounding, articulate, extremely "grammared" version of Precious. And I darn sure wasn't going to hide ME. In being my authentic self, I knew that I would help other women do the same.

Blogging is my joy.

Ever since I can remember myself, people have come to me for inspiration, advice about life, motivational pep-talks and the like. People have also said that they enjoy my energy, appreciate my light and that I was wise beyond my years.

Usually when people would pay me such compliments, I'd smile and let them roll off my shoulder. I never saw my desire to help others navigate their challenges as such a big deal. It has really been something that has come natural to me. What's always been clear though is how much fulfillment I find in inspiring women.

Blogging is really no different. Blogging is something that brings true joy to my life. It makes me super happy to share biz/blog tips, life tips and lessons with my readers.  

When I'm writing posts, I see the conversations that I have as no different than one I would have with one of my sisters, or a friend. Viewing blogging in this way, I am able to pour out my purest intention of being of service to others.

What about you? Do you struggle with anxiety? What have been some of your ways of managing it? Do you blog? How has your blog been helpful to you? Send me a note in the comments below. I'd love to hear!