Lizzo's latest endorsement of Chris Brown is not going well with the public. The backlash erupted after the "Truth Hurts" singer was seen in a video where she posed for a photo with Brown during a concert and gave him a compliment.

“You my favorite person in the whole f**king world,” Lizzo said to the artist who has faced multiple accusations of assault against women in recent years.

According to NME, police opened an investigation earlier in 2021 when a woman said she was physically assaulted by Brown. In 2020, the artist settled a sexual assault case that was brought against him. The most notable case unfolded in 2009 when  Brown was found guilty of felony assault after an altercation with Rihanna. 

Fans are now bashing Lizzo for disregarding Brown's controversial past.

While Lizzo finds the fellow musician to be her “favorite person,” social media users have less favorable words to describe him.

A few fans are calling for people to show the same amount of criticism to other artists who have been interacting with Brown.

According to HOT 97, Lizzo met Brown on Saturday during the Millennium Tour.

The concert featured Bow Wow, Omarion, Soulja BoySnoop Dogg and Jermaine DuPri, along with Brown. Lizzo saw Brown when she went backstage after the show.