Lizzo appeared on Saturday Night Live as the musical guest and reminded us why she’s 100% that b***h.

She performed her hits “Truth Hurts” and “Good As Hell” on Saturday. The episode was a special one since it was the season finale and last episode of the decade and was hosted by Eddie Murphy, who hadn’t appeared on the sketch comedy show in over three decades.

She performed “Truth Hurts” first in a custom Gucci outfit created by style icon Dapper Dan, according to Buzzfeed. Lizzo’s dancers were also wearing Gucci fits.

This rendition of the song started with a piercing guitar played by a Black woman. As a matter of fact, Lizzo’s entire band, as well as her dancers, were Black women of various shades and body types. As expected, it was everything. Her guitarist even paid homage to late Rock & Roll pioneer Sister Rosetta Tharpe

The 31-year-old singer also did the damn thang when she performed “Good As Hell” wearing a tuxedo with a nude illusion on the back. Before she started singing, she reminded everyone to “be kind to one another but most importantly, be good to yourself.”

Her dancers were dressed as gifts, and two of them swung around candy-cane poles. The performance was punctuated with a twerk break.

Lizzo also did a skit with the cast, but it was cut from the broadcast. Thankfully, it was posted on Youtube for our viewing pleasure. It featured cast member Aidy Bryant and her quest to summon her inner Lizzo. It was a lesson in confidence for all of us. Instead of fawning over Eddie Murphy after he complimented her work in the sketches, Bryant reminded him who TF she is. 

"Sketches? B***h, I got my own show on Hulu,” she stated. “I know you love this fat a*s, it’s iconic. Even legends go to church. So you need to get to God and you need to thank him for my beautiful, fat a*s.”

Lizzo appeared in the sketch and counseled Bryant after she complained about the pressures of being the baddest. The “Tempo” singer gave us all the energy we needed to walk into 2020.

“Do you ever feel like you’re only 90% that b***h?” Bryant asked.

“No,” Lizzo quipped.

But don’t take our word for it.

SNL needs to go ahead and bring Lizzo on as a host next season.