Lloyd answers the question we've been wondering for years. Is it 5'2'' or fine too?

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| September 15 2016,

07:00 am

Let's be real, Lloyd's 2007 single, "You," featuring Lil Wayne was a bop. Actually, it still is! But for all of the years, one question has been plaguing us. Does the singer say "fine too" or "5'2''" in the song? It's a debate that's gone on since the song first graced our ears. Most people think he said "fine too," and that makes the most sense, but alas, here we are

Now, the singer is speaking out to put the battle to rest


Really Lloyd...really?

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People on Twitter haven't really been feeling his response

But it seems like in a tweet from a few years ago, he actually revealed what he said in the song

This leaves us to ask...

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Well, there you have it. Do you say "5'2"" or "fine too?" Share this article on Twitter or Facebook with your thoughts!

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