As promised, we're back to let you know it's official–San Francisco's mayor is a black woman.

On June 14, London Breed secured the San Francisco mayoral win over opponent, Mark Leno. Although he had a slight chance of winning, Leno ended up conceding the race, CNN reports. Breed, who served as interim mayor following the sudden death of the city's former mayor Willie Brown, decided to stay the course. 

Not only are we rooting for Breed, we are celebrating significance of her win. Sis is a black woman straight from the hood, and had no qualms in telling Politico earlier this year. Breed was raised by her grandmother in San Francisco projects. Her brother is currently incarcerated and her sister was the victim of a fatal drug overdose. 

With a solid political background, and her current position as San Francisco Board of Supervisors' president, the San Francisco native is more than prepared to take the Bay area city to new heights.

"She is going to do a very fine job and we all wish her the best because her success is San Francisco's success," says Leno.

Breed has major plans in store for her city such as "building 5,000 affordable housing units a year," and "moving all of the city’s homeless people into low-cost and supportive housing within a year’s time," Blavity previously reported. 

San Francisco is ready for some #BlackGirlMagic to grace the scene, and we are here for every bit of it.