Black-owned event production group Urban Fetes knows how to make social gatherings and celebrations unique, interactive, distinguished and downright fun as hell. By introducing the Silent Party to the social scene, this organization has changed how we experience and interact with music by letting us party with more intent and personalization. 

Imagine going to a party with your friends, and each of you has a personal DJ so that you can listen to whatever music you like without disturbing your homie who's grooving a few feet away or being bored by their tastes in music that counter your own. How would you like to party with your crew on different wavelengths and still in sync? This is how it feels like to attend an Urban Fetes Silent Party. Across the country, silent parties are gaining momentum as more venues open their doors to the idea, allowing large crowds to gather without hosts worrying about noise complaints outside of an occasional synchronized "What's my favorite word?!," depending on the atmosphere.

Urban Fetes brings the fun back to night life, according to Pioneering the social movement of liberated, yet contained noise, the company has curated more than ‌parties. Urban Fetes has also produced silent corporate socials, fitness classes, music and entertainment listening events and more. The silent event experience, where attendees get their own set of noise-canceling headphones (color coded at times to represent a certain genre of music or DJ) and can vibe out and not feel awkward or alone as they are surrounded by new and old friends who are sharing the same experience from a different viewpoint. Urban Fetes has curated silent events for people such as Vic Mensa, Bobby Valentino, Rotimi, Nick Grant and a list of other celebrities and entertainers.

In March, Urban Fetes embarked on their March Madness Tour, circling the globe and touching every major city, bringing this self-love and care movement through music across the globe. Be sure to stay updated on their tours and upcoming events via Instagram and Twitter.