Twin brothers from Louisiana are preparing for a debt-free education after they earned nearly $3 million in academic scholarships.

KSLA reports Brin and Nial Wilson intend to study civil engineering in college and they won't have to worry about paying back any loans to do it.

Based upon their academic achievements, both of the Shreveport natives have been accepted to Morehouse College, St. John’s University, Louisiana Tech University, and a list of others both in and out of state.

To date, their scholarships total over $2.7 million. Brin has been awarded $1,393,012 and Nial has been offered $1,335,788 to put towards his college education.

They also took home the prized Captain Shreve’s Distinguished Scholar Award in their hometown.

The young scholars haven't only been offered academic scholarships. The twins are also star athletes. 

This year, the Wilson twins were selected to play in the Daytona's Offense-Defense All-American Bowl and Houston's Blue-Grey All-American Bowl. Additionally, Louisiana Football Magazine & TV recognized them among the year's top prospects.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports each of them has been offered separate football scholarships at various universities such as Judson College, Knox College and more. Brin reportedly received two athletic scholarships and Nial Wilson has been offered four.

The pair also appears to have a knack for striking gold. The Louisiana High School Athletic Association named their bowling crew the second-best team in the district. 

Neither of the young, Black and gifted intellectuals has declared which school they will be attending but it goes without saying that they will be a great asset of whatever school they choose to attend.

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