Beyoncé's "Before I Let Go" challenge is live and in full-effect, but one participant has fans questioning if the dancer is Queen Bey herself or the greatest doppelganger we've seen thus far.

The Homecoming queen is dominating the internet this week by reposting fan renditions of the dance break in her surprise remake of Maze and Frankie Beverly's 1981 hit.

As Blavity reported, Beverly was just as surprised as the rest of the world when his long-time friend remade the uptempo R&B classic into a bounce record. The four-minute song includes dance instructions that the 37-year-old basically left up to her fan base to reinterpret.

Since early this week, the mother-of-three powerhouse has been reposting her favorite clips onto her Instagram Story, but without any credits.

That left one participant's dance segment to be misinterpreted as the Beychella icon herself. In the video, the woman showcases similar mannerisms, dance steps, facial features and blonde hair as Beyoncé, confusing many to believe it was an official video of the dance instructions. 

As reports, the video is not Mrs. Carter-Knowles but trans-woman and Beyoncé impersonator Miss Shalae, also known as Michell'e Michaels.

In the video, she pridefully waves a trans flag and dons a shirt with the face of Nigel Shelby, the 15-year-old boy from Alabama who recently committed suicide after suffering incessant anti-gay bullying at his school, as Blavity reported.

Shalae is being recognized by fans online for her uncanny resemblance but the greatest acknowledgment came last year when she was recognized by the Grammy-Award winning artist herself during her historic Coachella event. She notably recreated the singer-songwriter's entire get-up from the first weekend's show and wore it to her second-weekend concert. Beyoncé shouted her out on stage and the moment even made it into her Netflix documentary.

Shalae reposted the video on Thursday and captioned a note in tribute to Shelby and the LGBTQ community, ending with a word dedicated to her performing idol.

"I know life is not a cake walk but it can be a lot better with the help, love and support of others around you… It makes no [sense] why Nigel Shelby felt like he would be better off dead than alive in today’s world," she wrote. "That was my struggle because I lived in a world that was uninformed and afraid but we have made leaps and bounds as a generation with social media, pride and at one point the government…"

“'Hate is learned behavior,'" she continued, referring to a famous quote. "Uplift one another, be kind to each other and yourself. Unlearn all the bull*** you were conditioned to recycle so we can start living for a better tomorrow. Rest in Power young King #NigelShelby, we say [your] name."

"Thank you @beyonce for being a beacon of hope and inspiration to [a] culture that is often times lost and misguided," she wrote to GLAAD's 2019 Media Vanguard Award recipient for her LGBTQ advocacy. "If you took the time to read this I love you, I life you, I like you! Work from that and know the change has begun!"

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