Tawana Andrew, a meteorologist at WAVE3 in Louisville, got the surprise of a lifetime when her boyfriend, Rusty Steele, appeared on the set of a live newscast and popped the question. The shocking moment, which was made possible with help from Andrew's colleagues, started with the news station showing a photo of a ring on the screen, along with a caption that read, "It's time for my princess to become my queen."

Andrew became confused as she stood on the set and stared at the photo. Seconds later, Steele came out and kneeled in front of the meteorologist. 

"No way, no way," Andrew said, struggling to keep her balance as she became overwhelmed with emotion when her lover took a knee.

Steele proceeded to express his feelings while his fiancée continued to sob with joy.  

"The past few years have been the happiest of my life," he said before recalling some of his favorite adventures with his fiancée. "You have been my best friend. With each passing day, I have fallen more and more in love with you."

He then pulled out a ring and uttered the words Andrew has been dreaming of hearing. 

"Will you marry me?" Steele asked.

Andrew of course said "yes" before the couple exchanged one of the happiest hugs of their lives.

"How am I supposed to do weather after that?" Andrew joked while still weeping uncontrollably.

The meteorologist's workers then came up to the stage to share in the joyous moment with their elated colleague, who also realized that all her co-workers worked together to plan the proposal

The news crew, who later sat down with the couple to reflect on the unforgettable moment, said they knew about the plan from the very beginning, but still managed to keep their mouth shut. 

As the couple told their story, they said they met on a dating site. It started when Steele left an unexpected comment for Andrew. His comment was in response to Andrew's prompt on the site, which said, "Bet you can't bake better than me."

"Bet," Steele said in response.

Andrew, who was confused by the comment, decided to respond days later. Since then, the two have embarked on plenty of adventures. That includes skydiving, an activity that Andrew never imagined she would try. 

Andrew, who was still crying as the couple looked back at a video of the proposal, said she was nervous throughout the moment. But her fiancé confessed that he was also shaking inside, although he appeared calm.   

"I was so nervous, I didn't actually put the ring on," he said.

Andrew was shocked that so many people, including her family members, knew about the plan. But those who knew about the plan also knew that the meteorologist is very good at catching hints, so they were very careful not to spoil the secret.

The couple, who have been together for three years, thanked everybody that was involved in making their big moment possible. 

Andrew was also glad that she got her nails done before the occasion. That was thanks to her lover, who made up a story about a work event they have to attend and suggested that she dress up.